Dynamic identity, logo, brochures, presentations, event materials.

Studio Zodus created a so-called 'dynamic identity' for this specialist company in learning and development. A logo that's based upon blocks of 70, 20, 10 in specific dimensions, but always put together in different combinations. Underneath a colourful shape that gives it a layerd and dynamic look, but can still be called 'one identity' nonetheless.

This concept blends in well with the business solutions and message that 70:20:10 Institute offers itself. Its a methodology based on a clear and practical formula, but flexible and adjustable when put in to practice. By applying this contrast in to the logo itself, it creates an exiting identity that also works well on a corporate level .

This logo is therefore a perfect example how our own ambitions can blend in with the ambitions of our client.


Charles Jennings
Co-founder of the 70:20:10 Institute

Studio Zodus developed a corporate identity that exceeded our expectations. With the dynamic look and feel, i think it really represents our approach and innovative character. Clients respond very well to it and helps us in delivering the message of the 70:20:10 principles even better. It makes us stand out from the crowd and adds power to our core message.

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