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Ambino Ballet is a dance school for children that want to learn and experience ballet for the first time. But also the 'senior' ballerinas are welcome to try things like 'ballet barre workout'. The year 2019 marked the 50th anniversary of the oldest ballet school in Maastricht. So it felt by the board it was the right time to  have a new identity and a website designed with a modern look and feel. Studio Zodus was approached for this honorable assignment. Beside the logo we also produced most of the images for the website.


The ambitions haven't declined in 50 plus years and this was made visible through the design. They want to be a ballet dance school where kids can start with ballet dancing, but also improve their skills to a higher level. Next to the fun of dancing, its also about developing self-confidence that derives from dance lessons at Ambino Ballet. We made sure all these aspects are 'splashing' from every page you visit on the website. We very much liked this fun and nice assignment in 2019.

Stefan Elie
Chairman Stichting Ambino Ballet Maastricht

Studio Zodus put us right back on the map with this new logo, identity and website.Together with our 50th anniversary it fell right in to place. People really know how to find us again through the website and the response we get is overwhelming. Our ambitions to become the number one ballet school in Maastricht certainly is a realistic goal we can strive for again.

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