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Medical center de Baandert

Logo and corporate identity, lettering, flyers, websites

General practitioners and pharmacy 'de Baandert' have a good working relationship and share a building in the form of a medical center in 'de Baandert' in Sittard. When the ambition for a new corporate identity occurred, they decided to merge together in identity style, but also have their own logo and look. Their bond is expressed in the logo itself, the 'B' of the Baandert. The small cross is the medical aspect they both share. The color shades are evidence of their connection, but still are separated as two different companies. But for all clients it works as seeing them as partners, to build trust and recognition.

We also created the website of both the pharmacy and general practitioners from one basic template design. But both with their own content and colorschemes.

Thanks too Studio Zodus, we now have a corporate identity that express the quality of care we want to deliver for our clients. The path to a collaborative identity with the pharmacy really worked out well too. Alltough there were multiple interests and opinions we could easily come to agreements. Also the reactions we received from the people about our new 'look' really showed we made the correct choice.

Matthijs van Gink
General practioner at 'Huisartsenpraktijk de Baandert'

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