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Logo and identity, website, menu cards, display, lettering and wall decoration.

Rivazza is a lunchbar and café in the hart of UM Sport in Maastricht.
The ambitious owners wanted to create a business based on a typical Italian styled lunchroom.Typical Italian sandwiches like tramezzinis, piadinas and roasted focaccia's and good coffee off course. Filled with all kinds of fresh and healthy ingredients, but always good in flavour and 

Logo, identity and decorum should therefore have that typical Italian feel to it, but at the same time blend in with the modern surroundings in UM Sport. With some simple and effective solutions we made sure this was achieved in the styling from coffeemug, menu to lettering of the bar itself.

Studio Zodus surprised us with a strong and contemporary identity design for Rivazza. One that suits our own ambitions and is in line with the concept we had in mind. It really blends in well with the surroundings of the UM Sport, but still has its own unique identity in it. With clever solutions like the stickers we use for the packaging and wall decorations its also cost efficient and our identity is well presented.

Marcel Hommes
Mede-eigenaar Rivazza

Want to learn more about developing a identity that blends in well with its surroundings?

Graphic design with impact from Maastricht.

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